Spearhead Races

Humans – Humans are the dominant species in this setting. Humans are from Nordheim and Taygran. These twos groups are the primary players in the conflict between the two countries. Because of how fast humans develop, there are a few generations of humans who have been born and lived in Westheim exclusively. So, human PC’s can be from Nordheim, Westheim, or Taygran.

Elves – Elves originated in Taygran only. The cultures tend to follow the patterns outlined in the book for the most part. High elves and humans in Taygran are the primary members of the Confederacy and the dominant political powers. Wood elves are culturally separated and a bit marginalized, some of which is self-imposed. The Wood elves tend to stay more to themselves, but there are plenty who choose to go out in the world, including the Taygrani military. Drow do not exist. This means that players can be high elves or wood elves, and because of how elves age, elves are only from Taygran. Any elves born in Westheim would not be quite old enough for adventuring yet. Elves are banned from entering Nordheim.

Dwarves – Both hill and mountain dwarves are from Nordheim. Both types of dwarves are from the northern portions of the island, with hill dwarves living around the periphery of the mountains, and mountain dwarves living deeper into the higher elevations of this area. Within these two groups is an elaborate clan system. While there is a long and deep history or inter-clan conflict within both groups of dwarves, these two groups/clans get along well enough with each other currently. All the dwarf clans have generally good relations with the Nord human populations, who far outnumber the dwarven populations. Dwarves are an active part of Nord society and have adapted moderately well to working with the humans and the colonization efforts to the west. Most dwarves would be from Nordheim, but some of adventuring age would have been born in Westheim. Dwarves are banned from setting foot on Taygrani controlled areas.

Dragonborn – This species is only from Westheim and the population is relatively small. They live in the Karthel Mountains. They were the first race encountered by Nord explorers over a century ago. At first there was heavy conflict between the groups, but over time, tensions eased and the dragonborn are considered strongly allied to the Nord. Many dragonborn join the Nord military. Dragonborn are not allowed in Taygrani territories.

Gnomes – Gnomes are found in two sections of Westheim. One population is located in the eastern Dragonjewel Hills, while the other population is in the northern sections of the Karthel Mtns. Relations between the Dragonborn and the gnomes are relatively good with the population in the Karthel Mtns.  The gnomes that live in the Dragonjewels are more isolated and have not have had much contact with other groups. This is because it has only been 20 years since colonists have moved into that area of Westheim. The Dragonjewels are well-known for being mineral and gem rich, which has brought many colonists to this area. This has caused some tension between the colonists and the Dragonjewel gnomes who are not comfortable with the outsiders. The rock gnome and forest gnome types are social distinctions in both gnome populations. These are philosophical differences not racial differences and the mechanics will follow the book descriptions.

Half-Elves – Because elves are only from Taygran, half-elves are mostly from Taygran, although there are half-elves who were born and live in both the Taygrani territories and Nord territories in Westheim. Half-elves are generally welcome in Westheim and Taygran, but unless they can pass for full human, they are not allowed in Nordheim.

Halflings – Halflings are form Carseld in Westheim. The overall halfing population was and is small, and stayed in the Carseld area with little outside movement prior to Nord colonization. The halfings adapted very quickly to the Nord and relations have always been good. The Nord considers Carseld to be a strong ally in the New World, and don’t interfere greatly with halfing culture. But contact with the Nord has caused many halfings to want to experience more than just Carseld, and there are many Halfings that have traveled throughout the Nord lands. Halflings are not welcome in Taygrani controlled regions.

Tieflings – This species is only from the geographically separated mountainous portion of Taygran in the southeast. Tieflings are a newer member race in the Taygran Confederacy, and subsequently have much less power than the high elves or humans. The tiefling culture was basically coerced into joining the Confederacy because of rather overt military force from the humans and the elves. However, the tieflings have adapted quickly and are mostly accepted throughout Taygran. Tieflings have a marginal status in Westheim, but because of the “colonial” nature of the region, this marginalization is not institutionalized and varies greatly throughout Westheim. Tieflings are not allowed in Nord controlled areas.

Spearhead Races

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